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A fine actress reflecting the times

Described as “nonchalant” about whether she wished to act, but radiant when she did, in 1965 Julie Christie played Lara in Dr Zhivago. An incandescent love story directed by British director David Lean, the film also depicts the reasons for the Russian Revolution and its remorseless destruction of men and women. That same year Christie won an Academy Award for Darling, which describes a woman first exhilarated then trapped by a jet-set lifestyle. In the 1970s she starred in McCabe and Mrs Miller and Shampoo, historical and modern dramas of sexual exploitation. Christie made few films in the 1980s. In 1997 she appeared in Afterglow a story of dissolving marriages and the child lost by adults who have forgotten they are parents.

In the just released Away from Her Christie co-stars with Canadian actor Gordon Pinsent. Directed by 28-year-old Canadian actress Sarah Polley, the film tells the story of a 50-year marriage attacked by memory loss.

The films in which Christie acted were not always luminous, but she was.


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