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Helmer opposes EU aggression - large and small

Roger Helmer, MEP (left) and Chris Heaton-Harris raising their glasses to the Crown mark and to a free Britain

“For centuries, pint measures in the UK have been guaranteed by the Crown mark on the glass," Roger writes in his latest newsletter. "Now the EU says it will replace the Crown with an EU mark. Voters across the East Midlands have been up in arms, as have the brewers and pub chains who have written in protest to the Prime Minister.”

This is the kind of pettiness that infuriates people. Speaking ironically, it is also the mark of tyranny, which always goes too far and can never tyrannize people with any moderation.

Roger continues to work to “dismantle the existing EU treaty structure and to replace it with a new vision of a Europe of free, independent, democratic nations based solely on free trade and voluntary intergovernmental cooperation.” He was recently elected Honorary Chairman of the Freedom Association, which is committed to liberty, personal responsibility, free markets, limited government, low taxes, the nation and its defence, and the family. Previous chairmen included Lord de Lisle, Norris McWhirter and Christopher Gill.

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