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There'll always be an England. . .


Mark Steyn writes, "Even in a small and highly urbanized state, the idea of a rural England is very potent. I once had a long and rather perceptive exchange with Mrs Thatcher about how England had more or less invented the idea of the 'countryside'. Not the semi-wilderness of the Great North Woods in Maine and New Hampshire but a very ordered, very English kind of country - a patchwork of English lanes and hedgerows and stiles centered around a church and a pub and a manor house."

I have just made a lightning-fast trip through Brittany and Normandy, and would say there is some very beautiful countryside here, centered around the village, too. In any case, Steyn has much more at his site - his satirical views of the Conrad Black trial, on its way to proving Black's innocence; Canada's "reverse assimilation of immigrants"; and the Song of the Week - "There'll Always Be An England" –

There'll Always Be An England
And England shall be free
If England means as much to you
As England means to me. . .