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Daniel Hannan MEP - "We have our own dream"

Last night at a village hall in Hampshire, Daniel Hannan MEP gave a terrific speech. He explained the benefits of democracy at the national and local levels and how EU rules made by unelected and unsackable bureaucrats are severely constraining the actions local government can take, including being able to reduce property taxes.

Scathing about many aspects of the EU, he quoted Churchill,

We have our own dream and our own task. We are with Europe, but not of it. We are linked but not combined. We are interested and associated but not absorbed.

The EU’s effect on local democracy was very ably explained by the leader of the Winchester City Council, George Becket. However, prospective Tory candidate George Hollingbery clearly did not grasp all the implications and hazards attached to Britain’s continuing membership of the EU. I fear this may be a pattern in the Tory candidate selection process – those in favour of Cameron’s wishy-washy line on Europe are those selected to stand.

Judging from the questions from the audience, Cameron’s views do not reflect the views of the Tory rank and file, particularly the strongly held views of their activists. Nor do they reflect the views of the country at large.

I was glad to see that despite Tory party policy the flame of freedom is still burning in a number of Tory chests.