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Reports from the wild - Rosie Stancer

We posted on Rosie Stancer's bid to become the first woman to trek solo to the North Geographic Pole. The journey is proving more difficult than her solo to the South Pole because she is in a race against time due to melting ice. Hauling two sledges, she had trekked 147 miles and had 268 miles to go when this entry was posted on her blog on April 16 -

"What was initially a good clear day for Rosie began to pose its own challenges as the day progressed. The open leads bedevilling Rosie’s path became more numerous and harder to cross and the zone of low pressure just south of Rosie’s position began to deepen and intensify, throwing a sharp wind Rosie’s way and bringing some rolling cloud with it. Midway through the day, Rosie was crossing a lead when her left boot cracked through the ice and her leg plunged into the water below. The water swirled over the top of Rosie boot and into her socks and drenched the left side of her body. Shivering and wet Rosie pulled herself to safety and sped on trying to keep herself warm. However, the wet clothing and increasingly frozen boot meant that she stopped after a mere 11 hours of hauling her sledge through this frozen wilderness. It would be a long night ahead as each piece of clothing must be dried over Rosie’s tiny sputtering stove, the frozen straps of her snowshoes must be melted and all this moisture meticulously expelled from the tent. Possibly not the most relaxing way to spend an evening. . . "

We have not heard from her since. Rosie Stancer is a very determined 47 years old, and we wish her luck.