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Brits Week in Review

We began the week by referring to William Law’s answer to a perennial question – why are religious people sometimes so destructive? I don’t think his one-line answer can be bettered.

The Morgan family continues to produce a car with irresistible curves and craftsmanship. British composers are popular on Classical FM, and the RSC has had a blazing success performing all of Shakespeare’s plays in one year.

In political news, Iris Binstead’s principled refusal to pay taxes to a regional quango unelected by anybody has put her in court. Her latest SOS is here. Anne Palmer has written to the Attorney General defending trial by jury. Her point about the fraud committed by the government in pushing voters to approve a common market is most interesting. The government fears that 15 million Brits will commit civil disobedience in defiance of its ID scheme. The Bruges Society, a stalwart in defending the United Kingdom’s independence, invites you to a dinner on May 1 that will celebrate the tricentennary of the Act of Union with excellent food and outstanding speakers.

For those who would like to look young while opposing the actions of this interminable government, an anti-aging skin cream invented by a Nottingham scientist is said to work.

The BBC continues to stick with its stock in trade – denigrating or ignoring British heroes and achievements. The BBC’s coverage of the EU has been accompanied by the receipt of millions of euros from the EU. Ashley Mote has requested an investigation into this odd coincidence. Joining the fray is Robert Aitken.

We pointed out that the treatment visited by Iranians on British sailors would not have been tolerated by the 18th century British Articles of War should the case have been reversed. We continue to deplore the Iranian Government’s act of piracy while the British were engaged on a mission sanctioned by the UN. We await the Navy's report on the operation.

In other military news, British forces are fighting courageously in Iraq and in Afghanistan, where they are trying to protect a dam that will supply electricity to two million people. I often wonder how I would act if I were an Iraqi and terrorists were killing anyone who tried to create a constitutional government. Would I put my head above the parapet?

There has been quite a bit of good news on the stem cell front, not with embryonic stem cells, but adult stem cells. And there is genetic news about being overweight. Doctor Abbott weighs in.

We have two posts about Sqn Ldr Neville Duke, a very gallant man. In one of them, David recalls a deadly crash at an air show he attended as a boy and Neville Duke’s response.

We researched the mysterious relationship of the Servant King to the development of freedom in Britain. We revisited Brideshead; we dined with the Geological Society; and we tried to conjure Aintree.

We saw energy, courage, intelligence, and beauty all around.