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Watson in Iraq

It's a bit eerie to read an Iraqi blog (The Mesopotamian) quoting Sherlock Holmes. However, Alaa's assembly of murderous facts, his rational question – who is supplying the money? – and his "elementary" answer are worth reading. Alaa may seem to have only a tenuous connection to Brits at their best, but in making deductions between terrorism in Iraq and the financial funders of that terrorism, he feels he is consciously walking in the footsteps of Holmes.

It is a question I have not seen raised anywhere, and it is fundamental to the lives of British soldiers in Iraq.

We have answered the question in our own way in Defeating Threats to Freedom, Violent islamists. In particular we recommend that no public or foreign money be allowed to fund Islamic schools or madrassas in Britain.

Instapundit referred The Mesopotamian to us.