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Iris Binstead defends the British Constitution in court

I have only spoken with Iris Binstead by phone. She has a soft, lovely smiling voice. A widow and a retired schoolteacher, Iris has had the nerve to stand up in court for a second time to defend the British Constitution from attack by the EU and its unelected, unconstitutional “regional assembly”.

Appearing in Liskeard Magistrates Court, Iris explained why she had again withheld a proportion of her council tax:

“As you will be aware, taxation without representation is against the British Constitution. Only elected bodies may tax the public purse and the South West Regional Assembly is an unelected body. Two of its members report regularly, not to the government in Westminster but, by virtue of their sitting on the Committee of the Regions in Brussels, to their European masters. This is totally undemocratic and effectively disenfranchises the entire population of the South West of England.

Iris has already come to the attention of the authorities for editing the Save Our Sovereignty (SOS) Newsletter. Her first contributions to the April SOS focus on children. (Check back. As Iris is able to send us updates, we will update the file.)

More importantly, will Iris find a judge who will rise to defend the British Constitution and the liberties of the British people?