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Outrageous breach of Geneva Conventions and Muslim hospitality

As you know, the Iranians have seized 15 British soldiers. They have broken the Geneva Conventions and the Muslim law of hospitality.

If it were true that the Brits had strayed into Iranian waters and if there were a war between the two countries, the Iranians might have seized the Brits as prisoners-of-war, but there is no war declared between Iran and Britain.

If there were a war, and they had been seized as prisoners, according to Geneva Conventions a soldier is "bound to give only his surname, first names and rank, date of birth, and army, regimental, personal or serial number, or failing this, equivalent information."

It is outrageous that the Iranians have demanded that the one woman soldier wear a head scarf and write a letter home. I assume that they "demanded" and "enforced" their commands since it is difficult to believe that any British soldier would not be able to persistently recite name, rank, and serial number and refuse all other comments. That is a soldier's right under the Geneva Conventions.

As Britain and Iran are not at war, the Iranians have outraged Muslim hospitality. If they believed the Brits had strayed into their waters, they should have gently corrected them, not provoked an international incident. Of course, that incident has raised the price of oil, which suits them perfectly.

Richard North at EU Referendum observes that the EU is Iran's largest trading partner. The EU has certainly stood up for Britain during this latest outrage, hasn't it?