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Scotland Yard urged to investigate treason

On Friday 23 March, John Gouriet and Ashley Mote MEP presented documents to Deputy Assistant Commissioner John Yates (currently in charge of the cash for honours investigation) at New Scotland Yard, and asked the Metropolitan Police to investigate the activities of the Prime Minister and other senior members of the Cabinet.

The papers are based on the fundamental premise that the act of joining the EU was unconstitutional because no parliament elected by the sovereign British people had or has the authority to surrender that sovereignty to others. Consequently the documents argue a prima facie case of misfeasance or malfeasance, contempt of statute, breaches of the British constitution and breaches of their oaths of office.

As HM The Queen herself made clear in an exceptional statement to both Houses of Parliament on July 20, 1988, "Experience has taught that peoples can enjoy the full fruits of liberty, security and justice only when they are represented in a sovereign legislature whose laws are interpreted by an independent judiciary."

The Metropolitan Police were asked to investigate the following ministers with a view to prosecutions under the law because they have unlawfully given away the sovereignty of the British people, a birthright enshrined in common and statute law, and based on legally binding contracts between the monarch and British subjects.

* The Rt. Hon. Anthony Charles Linton Blair MP, Prime Minister, for misfeasance, contempt of statute, breach of the British Constitution and oaths of office, for deceiving HM the Queen on numerous occasions since 1997 amounting to treason.

* The Rt. Hon. The Lord Falconer, Lord Chancellor, for misfeasance, contempt of statute, breach of the British Constitution and oaths of office, and treason.

* The Rt. Hon. Alan Johnson MP, Secretary of State for Education, for contempt of statute, breach of the British Constitution and oaths of office.

* The Rt. Hon. Gordon Brown MP, Chancellor of the Exchequer, for misfeasance in unlawful disbursement of many billions of pounds Sterling since he became Chancellor in 1997 to a body whose accounts have not been signed off as correct for twelve successive years and where fraud and corruption is endemic, thereby occasioning actual loss and waste of public funds, contrary to the Government Resources Act, 2000.

* Mr. Jimmy Hood MP (Labour), Chairman of the European Scrutiny Committee, for misfeasance in failing to ensure that his committee fully scrutinises the directives being imposed by the EU on the UK and adequately advises or informs Parliament and the general public accordingly of the implications contained therein.