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Making the best of bad news

We wanted to remember the crowning of Robert the Bruce as King of Scotland on March 25, 1306, but we discovered that not long before he was crowned, the Bruce murdered a man in front of the high altar after inviting him to meet under truce. We realize that no one is perfect, and that the Bruce is an inspiration to Scotland, and his perseverance in rising above defeat was an inspiration to us as children, but we can’t wax enthusiastic over him.

The 25th is also, as you can scarcely have avoided hearing, the 50th anniversary of the European Union in one of its earlier guises. Britain had little to do with that beginning, aside from having made sure that France was still a nation and not part of the German empire.

There are many things wrong with the European Union, but the good news is that many Brits are fighting to restore British sovereignty and democracy. To read about them, see our file, the EU Referendum, SOS, Ashley Mote, Roger Helmer, the Bruges Group, Dave Barnby’s original research into the trail of deceit (pdf download), UKIP, or Lindsay Jenkins.