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Lord Wedderburn's slave ancestor inspires him

The Telegraph reports that in 1795 Lord Wedderburn's ancestor, Robert, walked from the port at Musselburgh to Inveresk House, where his father, James Wedderburn, was living. "It was not a happy reunion of father and son. Robert was the child whom James had fathered by a slave girl, Rosanna, while living as a plantation owner in Jamaica. He sold her on while pregnant but with the condition that the child should be born a free man, not a slave."

His father's callous rejection of him was a turning point in Robert Wedderburn's life. "'He left for London and became an activist against slavery,'" says his proud descendant. "'He was outraged from having seen his mother and grandmother whipped by slave masters, and he spoke at public meetings against slavery.'"

The whole story, which is a tribute to Robert Wedderburn and the present Lord Wedderburn, can be read in the Telegraph.


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