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A note on peace and democracy

There are many well-intentioned people who truly believe that the EU is the one thing standing between war in Europe. The idea that it was the EU that brought peace to Europe over the last fifty years has been rejected below, but sincere people may still feel that the EU will insure peace over the next fifty years.

The European nations that launched aggressive war in the 20th century were not democracies. Today those nations are democracies, and historians tell us that democracies do not wage war on each other.

Increasingly those democratic nations and their democratic institutions are disappearing into the maw of the EU, and the EU is not a democracy. It has the appearance of a democracy, but it lacks a constitution and a bill of rights, it lacks fiscal accountability, and its MEPs have no legislative decisions to make or even debate. By their own account, they simply pass on the regulations churned out by those philosopher kings known as Brussels bureaucrats who decide on the curvature of bananas, how to protect French farmers, how to destroy British fishermen, how to deprive peoples outside of Europe from free trade opportunities, how to sink small businesses inside Europe with rising tax and regulatory burdens, how to keep everything from laptops to cars to baby food more expensive for Europeans than anyone else in the world, and how to build a military force for the EU.

Because the EU is not democratic, it is already a threat to peace. That threat will grow as the undemocratic elements in the EU gain in power.