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Looking for leaders

We like First Post's format, which dedicates a concise web page to each article. It's reminiscent of those one-page memos or "prayers" that Winston Churchill demanded during World War II – "pray" do not send me a memo longer than one page.

In a recent article, First Post contributor Peregrine Worsthorne writes that he is appalled by the present quality of the British Parliament, the civil service and the political parties. He believes that the global economy has “creamed off the top talent,” leaving the skim for the British body politic.

We suppose this is possible, but even more curious is that many MPs don't seem to have grasped the fundamental principles behind the successful people and countries in the global economy. This despite the fact that most of those principles were first put into play by Brits. (Some of the innovators are described in the Ingenious Timeline.)

With Worsthorne and so many others 'praying' for good leaders, we hope a few will be arriving soon.

'And when they do arrive', Churchill might well growl, 'I hope you'll recognise 'em.'