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Nuance well-taken

In response to a post below, "British anthropologist studies assimiliation," Wooley Swamp writes us,

. . .while it can be argued that SOME studies show that SOME UK Muslims with very specific attributes, arriving in very specific locations, perform worse than UK Hindus and Sikhs, the EXACT opposite in true in Canada.

Wooley suggests reading this thesis (pdf download), and advises,

Please read, and revisit your thinking. You will then begin to appreciate that the host society heavily influences the paths taken by migrants, who by the by are themselves so varied as to never fit into your stereotypes. I know it ain't black and white, but hey it's called nuance.

We appreciate the reading and the point. However, we do not think this alters Ballard and Kurtz' suggestion that prearranged marriages between kin will strengthen family ties at the expense of society at large. This is why the Church proscribed marriage between cousins in Europe in the Middle Ages.

Wooley is right "that the host society heavily influences the paths taken by migrants." We suggest that a host society without confidence in its ideals will fail its migrants and itself.