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Motor Ambulance Convoy 502

We wish we could acknowledge every World War II hero. Like the 300 at Thermopylae – see post below – and those who defend freedom today, they stood at a critical pass in history and were not found wanting.

Penny Phillips was one of them, as the Telegraph relates. An intrepid British woman, she was an ambulance driver during the Fall of France, retreating as railway lines exploded, running into a Panzer division, but managing to escape, and crossing to England, where she almost immediately turned round and headed for Egypt, joining Motor Ambulance Convoy 502:

We know all the answers, we know all the Gen; We know when to say 'No'; We know when to say 'When'! We like spades to be spades, and our men to be Men. We're fearfully 5-0-2.

502 would carry more than 89,000 wounded soldiers out of the front lines, and cover more than a million miles in the desert before heading to Italy.

Penny served as an MP for thirty years after the war.

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