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The BBC looks for answers to questions about the EU

The BBC has asked readers of its site to respond to its questions about the EU: Does the European Union matter to you? How has the European Union shaped your life. Are you 50 years old as well this year? What kind of difference has the EU made?

I hope you'll go online and say what you think. I've reproduced the answer I gave below.

The EU has meant that I no longer live in a democracy. Our laws are made by unelected unsackable bureaucrats.

The EU's Common Fisheries Policy has resulted in the greatest environmental catastrophe of the last century. Fish stocks have been decimated in the seas that Britain managed successfully for hundreds of years. Now it looks as if farming is going to be destroyed, too. Industry and business people are saddled with thousands of unnecessary EU regulations.

Most visible of all, we no longer control our own borders. At least a quarter million immigrants arrive every year into what is already one of the most crowded countries in Europe and against the wishes of Brits.

The government sneakily orders our institutions to conform with the EU. Totalitarian tendencies are on the march.

The answer is to loosen our ties with the EU, to leave the political European Union and enjoy a relationship like that of Norway and Switzerland as a sovereign trading partner.