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The top 12 Masterpiece Theatre productions

A viewer just reached us with word that Oregon audiences, enthralled by Masterpiece Theatre for thirty years, have voted for their favorite dramas. Limited to just one vote, their top 12 productions were:

1) Upstairs Downstairs
2) Forsyte Saga
3) I Claudius
4) Jewel in the Crown
5) Bleak House
6) Prime Suspect
7) Poldak
8) House of Cards
9) Reckless
10) Moll Flanders
11) Wives and Daughters
12) Jeeves and Wooster

(Brideshead Revisited was voted number 7, but as it was not a Masterpiece Theater production, it does not appear here.)

Some of the remarkable actors in these productions:

Derek Jacobi
Helen Mirren
Hugh Laurie
Diana Rigg
Jean Marsh
Anthony Andrews
Robeson Green
Gemma Jones
Charles Dance
Geraldine James
Gillian Andersen
Ian Richardson
Simon William
Damian Lewis
Gina McKee
Justin Waddell
Robin Ellis

Andrew Davies often served as the adaptor/screenwriter for productions based on books. The Executive Producer was Rebecca Eaton.