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Global Vision proposes new relationship between Britain and the EU


Ruth Lea, Director of Global Vision, is well-known as a broadcaster, Director of the Centre for Policy Studies, and Governor of the London School of Economics

Today sees the launch of Global Vision, a campaign group calling for a new relationship for Britain and Europe. This is very interesting because Global Vision is responding to what people say they want in a nuanced way.

The polls tell Global Vision that the vast majority of people in Britain would like “a looser relationship with the EU.” They do not want Britain to be run by Brussels.

An examination of Global Vision’s website shows that the looser ties they favour would put Britain in a relationship similar to that enjoyed by Switzerland and Norway. Global Vision would have Britain establish a trading partnership only. That is essentially the position of the UK Independence Party and some visionary politicians, presented most positively.

According to the Sun, Global Vision “is backed by some of the City’s most respected economists as well as the bosses of Debenhams, Somerfield, construction firm Sir Robert McAlpine and ad giant M&C Saatchi.”

Global Vision's chairman is Lord Norman Blackwell, formerly financial advisor to Prime Minister Major. Its leading consultant is Ian Milne, editor of the European Journal and eurofacts.

Once again we note that the push for freedom comes from individuals, whereas government, directionally confused, pushes in the other direction.