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Booker is a treasure

Christopher Booker sheds light on some very dark landscapes. He is the founding editor of the sardonic Private Eye, the author of half a dozen books, including The Great Deception, and a weekly contributor to the Sunday Telegraph since 1990. It is not his fault if his columns raise my blood pressure.

Yesterday he reviewed Channel 4’s "Great Global Warming Swindle":

With the aid of almost every top scientist in the field, from Professor Richard Lindzen, of MIT, and Roy Spencer, the former top climate expert at Nasa, to Patrick Moore, a co-founder of Greenpeace, Martin Durkin's superbly professional film showed how the evidence is now overwhelming that the chief cause of climate change is not human activity but changes in radiation from the sun.

Almost the only point he did not include was the evidence now accumulating from observers in many parts of the world that a significant degree of "warming" has recently been taking place all through our solar system, from dwindling ice fields on Mars, to Jupiter, and even as far out as Neptune's moon Triton and Pluto.

We remain convinced that pollution around the world should be reduced. We oppose C02 reductions that will not reduce global warming and that threaten "to rob billions of people across Africa and Asia of any chance to escape from the deprivation that kills millions every year.”

Booker also described how the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy allows French fisherman to catch 73% of the cod quota in the English Channel while allowing British fishermen to catch only 8% and allocating only a small portion of this 8% to British fishermen with small boats. These British fishermen are being deliberately destroyed by the EU to benefit bigger French fishing interests. This is so wrong, it is so unfair and cruel, I cannot believe there is no one defending the fishermen in Westminster. It is like the slave masters in the West Indies taking away the little fish the slave has caught for his dinner.

This has to change. Britain must say good-bye to the EU.