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World Cup Cricket goes Caribbean; Urdu spoken here

The Australian reports that the 2007 Cricket World Cup opens for the first time ever in the Caribbean on Tuesday. Sixteen teams with the best cricketers in the world will play a total of 51 matches at grounds spread around nine different Caribbean nations. The final will be played in Barbados on April 28.

In what appears a slightly quirky move, the English-speaking Pakistani team will speak only in Urdu so they cannot be misinterpreted. Their comments will have to be translated, and the official translation will not allow reporters to embellish their remarks, as is supposed to have happened recently. The Pakistanis apparently feel that speaking in Urdu will encourage tourism to their country. We will have to wait and see the results of their experiment.

In any case all 16 teams will be playing a game of 13th century British origins as superbly as they can. Caribbean organizers speak lyrically of “exciting cricket inspired by the rhythm and soul of the West Indies."

The first match will see West Indies facing Pakistan at Sabina Park, Jamaica.