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Looking good at 75


Sydney Harbour Bridge, Australia

The Sydney Harbour Bridge, the bridge that put Sydney on the map, celebrates its 75th anniversary, 1932-2007, on March 19. The world's largest steel arch bridge, it was built to carry road, train, pedestrian, and bicycle traffic from the North Shore to downtown Sydney.

Aussie engineer JJC Bradfield conceived the bridge and oversaw its construction. English engineer Ralph Freeman got the details right. He was the engineering genius who handled the stupendous feat of pre-computer mathematical calculations. The English firm of Dorman, Long & Company built the bridge with Australian workers. Six million hand-driven rivets hold the bridge together.

On the 19th, hundreds of thousands of people will celebrate by walking across the bridge. It can also be climbed via catwalks and up ladders for what the Government of Australia suggests is a "breathtaking view". I'll say.