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Round the world under his own steam

Circumnavigating the globe holds irresistible attractions for some. Jason Lewis appears to be one. According to the Guardian,

So far he has cycled, kayaked, roller-bladed, swum and walked around three-quarters of the globe and, right now, is crammed into a souped-up pedalo in the Arabian Sea being carried by an unfriendly current towards a notorious pirate hotspot.

But it is not the pirates, the sharks or even his aching limbs that are most troubling British adventurer Jason Lewis. He is more worried about what is turning out to be a rather loaded question: when is a circumnavigation not a circumnavigation?

Those with a yen to circumnavigate the world can use a plane, but that leaves a large "carbon footprint". Jason is going round the world entirely under his own power. We recommend this mode of travel to Al Gore. It might be useful for his waistline, too.

If you are at home tonight, Roger Helmer, MEP, recommends watching Channel 4's documentary on "The Great Global Warming Swindle". As we have noted before, we want to see pollution around the world reduced, but we would like to be sure that human carbon use, is indeed, the great evil that it is said to be before we risk the rising living standards of the world, and waste bundles of money trying to reduce it.