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“I give you. . .The Queen”


Image: Drudge Report

When Host Ellen de Generes took the stage for the 79th Academy Awards, she pointed out it was the most international Awards ever. “No-one knows who’s going to win – unless you’re British and then you’ve got a pretty good shot.”

Indeed, a number of British actors and actresses, writers and directors had been nominated for Oscars, but at the end of the evening Helen Mirren stood alone. Telegraph film critic David Gritten reports,

“The biggest, best gold star I ever got in my life,” she said of her award. She shared her Oscar with the other actress nominees and the film-makers, then offered up a tribute to our reigning monarch:

“For 50 years, Elizabeth Windsor has maintained her dignity, sense of duty - and her hairstyle... she’s weathered many storms. I salute her courage and consistency. Without her I certainly wouldn’t be here.” Raising her statuette aloft, she proclaimed: “I give you. . .The Queen.” In Britain’s shires, thousands of patriotic hearts beat a little faster.