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Valiant rowers in mid-Atlantic picnic

Entrepreneur Edward Bayliss and student doctor Stuart Turnbull, both 26, have fought gales and 40-foot waves and narrowly avoided oil tankers as they rowed their 24-foot plywood boat across the Atlantic toward Antigua.

To increase their speed and beat the 40-day record, they took only 50 days of rations. A big dorado took off with their speargun, and weather delays meant they were close to starving when VHF radio put them in touch with two Dutch rowers. They met up, and the Dutchmen shared their ample supplies. Two rowboats meeting up for a picnic in mid-Atlantic. . .

"Bayliss and Turnbull set off from Tenerife on December 20 aiming to raise £250,000 for Cancer Research UK. The names of 12 friends and relatives who died of cancer are inscribed on the sides of their boat." Full report at the Daily Mail.