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Things were simpler then?

Howard of On this Day reports that when the French landed 1400 men on February 22, 1797 at Fishguard, they expected that the people of the British Isles would sympathise with the recent French Revolution and would join them in marching against their government.

They were surprised to find members of the Welsh homeguard, under Lieutenant Colonel Knox, fiercely defending the Island of Britain, aided by a host of women. Jemima Nicholas, wielding a pitchfork, is supposed to have "persuaded" 12 French troops to surrender.

Today the assault on British liberties by the European Union is far more lethal but also more stealthy, and the government is an accomplice. It is hard to believe that Brits are not going to rise up and send these tax-greedy, arrogant 'apparatchiks' packing.

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