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Speaking out against the EU's "back-door" plans

Daniel Hannan, MEP, speaks out against the EU's stealthy plans to make its consitution a fact without a referendum in Britain. He writes in the Telegraph,

I have spent the better part of four years criss-crossing my Home Counties constituency and reading out passages of the constitution to WIs and Rotary Clubs, farmers and sixth formers. I have crossed the Channel to repeat the exercise in front of European audiences - in their own languages when I can. Whomever I am talking to, they reserve their angriest contempt for the paragraphs that repeat the existing treaties. Article I-6, for example, never fails to prompt a mutinous growl: "This constitution shall have primacy over the laws of the member states." But this clause simply makes explicit a doctrine that has been evolved by the European Court of Justice since 1964.

"Our mistake was to spell everything out," says a senior German official.

They do not want to take British voters into account.