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Germans opt for British public schools; Civitas tries a different tack

In contrast to the stories we hear about the British state education system, it is reassuring to learn that the number of overseas students at British public schools (Americans know them as private schools) is rising. The Telegraph reports,

German families are increasingly looking to Britain's best public schools to provide the "well rounded", disciplined education they fear is being eroded in their own country.

. . .As well as German boarders, the French and Spanish intake is on the increase, attracted by the rise in the number of private schools offering the International Baccalaureate. . .In total, the number of overseas students at British schools rose by 11 per cent to 23,056. . .The Programme for International Student Assessment (Pisa) found independent schools in England were the highest performers in the world.

This education comes at a cost. Observing that "state education often fails the most disadvantaged members of society," Civitas asks, "Is it possible to run an independent charitable school, accepting no funding from the state, in such a way as to bring the fees within the reach of working people?" As we discussed here, a feasibility study found that it can be done. Civitas has now set up a company which has opened a new model school in London.