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UK Independence party news

The UK Independence party is the only non-racist party whose policy is to take Britain out of the European Union. It is thus the only party to reflect the wishes of the majority of the population. Certainly there are magnificent campaigners for withdrawal from the EU in other parties, among them Roger Helmer, MEP, Daniel Hannam, MEP, and Philip Davies, MP. However, the UK Independence Party remains the only political party that you can vote for in the confidence that it will persistently advocate that Britain leave the EU. If you vote for the other parties, you are voting to continue the present situation where the EU makes the vast bulk of our laws without democratic input.

The UK Independence Party advocates democracy and accountability. Theoretically it is governed by the National Executive Committee (NEC). I was elected last year to the NEC along with several other new members who felt that the party structure should reflect its commitment to democracy, transparency, and accountability. Most of the other reform candidates have since resigned. Some of their reasons can be found in recent newspaper articles that describe questions that have arisen over some aspects of the accounts.

A new treasurer supported by a newly constituted finance committee has been named. I believe they will ensure that proper and timely accounting procedures are followed now and in future.