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Advances in cancer treatment

Imperial College, London reports that

Changing the way women are treated for breast cancer could improve their overall chance of survival, according to research published today in the Lancet. The new paper shows that switching to a drug called exemestane, two to three years after commencing standard therapy with the drug tamoxifen, can cut the risk of death for certain women by a further 17% compared with using tamoxifen alone.

In Cambridge,

The Cancer Research UK Cambridge Research Institute (CRI) is the latest cancer research initiative in the UK. CRI is multi-disciplinary, embedded in the academic and research community of Cambridge University, and fully involved in the training of the next generation of scientists. On February 2, Her Majesty The Queen opened the new Li Ka Shing Centre, which houses CRI's 16 research groups and associated core facilities. CRI advances in cancer treatment can be found here at its website.