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David Beckham is underrated

Powerline writes,

During last summer's World Cup, I noted that nearly every goal England scored in the preliminary matches came one way or the other off of Beckham's right foot. Several readers emailed to insist that Beckham was one-dimensional and that his great ball delivery is merely what's expected of a high-paid professional. But in the Round of 16 victory over Ecuador, it was once again only Beckham who produced a goal for either side.

After the World Cup, England's new manager dropped Beckham. It's probably no coincidence that England has failed to score in three of its last matches, including a dire 0-0 draw at home against Macedonia.

Real Madrid, a team with more stars in its attack than England, also announced that it had no place for Beckham. This led to Beckham's high profile decision to play in the United States next season. . .

When Real Madrid began losing games, players called for Beckham's return. Powerline reports what happened.