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The “recognition of the role of stability is not a piece of idealism, it is essentially realistic. Everyone needs to feel at home, to feel earthed, for it is impossible to say, ‘Who am I?’ without first asking, ‘Where am I? Whence have I come? Where am I going?’ Without roots we can neither discover where we belong, nor can we grow. Without stability we cannot know our true selves. For we are pulled apart by so many conflicting demands, so many things deserving of our attention, that often it seems as though the centre cannot hold.”

These words from a book about the Way of St Benedict reminded me of a theme in some of our recent posts and emails from readers. Esther de Waal wrote her reflections in a life "dictated by the demands of the family, by cooking and housework, by Open University tutoring as well as the endless hospitality that we experience in a Canterbury summer when the tradition of pilgrimage still bring great numbers of visitors.”

First published in 1984, Seeking God has been in print ever since.