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Help Mark Coleman stay in Britain

Mark Coleman is facing deportation back to Zimbabwe. Britain is about to deport him even though all his relatives – parents, brothers, sisters – have now fled the Mugabe tyranny and there is no life for him there. This petition urges the Home Office to allow him to stay. It cannot be right to force the 28-year-old to face Mugabe's thugs alone when his lack of a British passport is based on a technicality and his lack of asylum on bureaucratic blindness. We hope you will sign the petition, and pass it on to friends and colleagues.

Mark was born in independent Zimbabwe. His father was born there while it was still the British colony of Southern Rhodesia, and his mother was born in India. His father's father was a British subject. His paternal great-grandfather was a British army surgeon, as was his maternal great-grandfather. . . His mother's father served in the British Army and was forced to work as a prisoner of war on the notorious bridge over the River Kwai. . .yet, because of a technicality, Coleman cannot have a British passport, cannot stay here and will soon be shipped back.

Please help by signing the petition and passing it on to friends and colleagues – it only takes a few seconds and could make a lifelong difference to Mark.