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Open to the right kind of change

In most parts of the world tyrants were tyrannical for millennia. In contrast, Brits built on ancient liberties and traditions while being open to change. Open to change is rather an understatement when you reflect on the civil war, but after a convulsive bloodletting, ancient rights and liberties were restored, and some new rights, freedoms, and responsibilities were established.

The happiness, safety, and prosperity of individuals and families depend on freedom, and freedom depends on 4 powerful and interlinked developments. Brits establish these 4 essentials, and battle to sustain them:

1) Recognizing that freedom is a God-given, natural right (not a right given by government); 2) The rule of just law and independent courts; 3) Limited, incorruptible, representative government; and 4) Defending the integrity of the nation that preserves freedom.

Looking at these developments in The Freedom Network you understand how they work together and how vital they are.