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Pte Luke Simpson's dedication, selflessness, and zest

Pte Luke Simpson’s Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Colonel Andrew Jackson (CO 1st Battalion, The Yorkshire Regiment), said:

Private Luke Simpson stood out as a young soldier with the highest personal and professional credentials. He had the potential to go far and his dedication to duty, personal pride in soldiering and selfless commitment to his comrades is an inspiration to us all.

His passion and zest for life touched everyone who knew him and we are all the poorer for his passing. Pte Luke Simpson's death is an utter tragedy; we have lost a member of our close Regimental family and we will not forget him.

The Independent reports that "Pte Simpson, 21, of the Yorkshire Regiment, 1st Battalion, died from injuries received when his lightly armoured 'Snatch' Land Rover was attacked three miles south-east of Basra. Three other soldiers were injured in the attack, one of them seriously."

Tragically, as EU Referendum has pointed out repeatedly, the aged Snatch Land Rovers with their thin-armoured shells are not fit for purpose. Unfortunately the Government lacks the intelligence and bravery of the people it is governing.

We salute Pte Luke Simpson.