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Gina Khan, a brave woman, speaks out against violent Islamists

Gina Khan, a Birmingham-born mother of two, who was forced into an arranged marriage when she was a young girl, has dared to speak out against violent Islamists and for Britain.

Mary Ann Sieghart of the Times reports that Gina has summoned up the moral courage, at great risk to herself, to face down the jihadists.

She describes how mosques and madrassas have sprung up like mushrooms on almost every street corner, dedicated not to helping the community but to spreading the message of jihad; how preachers are indoctrinating the young to hate Christians and Jews; how her community is in denial about the radicals in its ranks; and how the mullahs collude in sanctioning forced marriages and polygamy.

In her interview Gina Khan speaks beautifully about what Britain has given her, and says hopefully,

I am trying to get together people, whether Christian, white, black, Turkish. Whoever you are, we have one thing in common: we care about Britain, we care about our country. Whoever you are, we want this country to be a safe place.

Update: We have made some of the same suggestions as Gina Khan has here, and we will ask her to comment on them.