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Delightful, clever kids

In his usual pungent style Richard North of EU Referendum writes,

Very few people, for instance, took much notice about my comments about giving a talk in a school where easily 50 percent of the students were Muslims, yet I had cause to observe that these were just kids, delightful, clever English kids.

The great genius of the English nation is its ability to take on board the disparate peoples of the world, to absorb them and, in the space of a few generations, to turn them into English people. To that extent, we are a mongrel nation – a society of hybrids, from which we get our vigour.

Living in an area with one of the highest proportion of Muslims in England, I thus have no long-term fears about integration. There are the hotheads, the disaffected, the bigots and the fools, but the general trend (away from the self-serving race-relations industry) is towards greater integration, led by the growing band of liberated, intelligent young women, who will not take the crap dished out by the dinosaur Imams for much longer.

I hope that Richard is right. Judging only by newspapers and the BBC, it's my impression the best ideas and ideals need more attention and support.