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The tale of weakness and selfishness and the tale of courage and selflessness will be told

We wrote here how Corporal Bryan Budd held off the enemy in Afghanistan in a selfless effort to defend his men. When the history of the British Armed Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan is written, as I hope it will be, it will record how unimaginably brave these men and women were. It will also describe how miserably they were supported by their government. History will describe their daring, and it will say how politicians failed them, denying them armour, allowing them to be blown apart because it would not buy proper vehicles to shield them, leaving them to die in the field because it had no helicopters to bring in reinforcements, because it chose to pump money into the European Union’s weapons projects, but would not supply British men and women fighting in the field with enough bullets to defend themselves.

Richard North has written about this in detail at EU Referendum, most recently here.

The weakness and selfishness of those politicians, how they sent the men and women of the Armed Forces into extreme danger, and refused to help them, that story will be told. And the courage of the men and women of the Armed Forces, their self-discipline and resilience, their courage and teamwork and self-sacrifice in responding to the call of their country, that also will be told. But it is cold comfort to those who have lost them.