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Brits' Week in Review: The artists have it

The week's stories included inspiring responses to the infuriating.

Does Britishness exist, and can it be taught?
The Times is discussing the question, a sure sign the concept is in trouble. Why not focus on Brits at their best?

The fellowship
Introduction to the fellowship that abolished the slave trade

Stiffening our resistance
Brits in America in the 18th century faced the same unrepresentative, centralizing oppression that Brits in Britain face in the European Union today. Their response was to stiffen their resistance.

A model buccaneer
His virtues are more vivid than his vices

The Green Knight finds a new voice
A modern translation by a British poet reminds readers of the harshness, beauty, and psychological insights of this classic Middle English text

Oxfam and free trade
How Oxfam began and why it opposes the EU on trade

Royal Navy helicopter rescues stricken fishermen
The Navy at work in Britain

British troops building stability
The Army at work in Iraq

On the trail of royal quarrels, southern voyages, and the storied Gardens
A history of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

Raining on the party
A Brit founded political parties; the EU is destroying them

The "soul of freedom"
The Edmund Burke Stichting has an idea what the “soul of freedom” means; Angela Merkel does not

The Victoria Cross
Bravery, daring, and self-sacrifice

Romeo and Juliet
Passionate words

The Brit School
Hundreds of British students study the performing arts

Aussies twigged it first
Australia understands the dangers of multiculturalism and the importance of citizenship

Four stalwarts
Christopher Booker, Marta Andreasen, Andrew Hamilton, and Ashley Mote MEP investigate EU accounting

Humpty Dumpty government
No matter how bad government gets, a British writer will have already described it

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