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The "soul of freedom"

Via THE FREEDOM ASSOCIATION, Roger Helmer MEP responds to Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany, President-in-Office of the European Council, who claims to believe that freedom is "the soul of Europe". Roger Helmer writes,

The Chancellor “believes in freedom of expression, but she also believes in criminal sanctions for those in Britain who exercise it. . .But then we know that she can believe two incompatible things at the same time – for example that the EU is democratic, despite its firm intention to ignore the democratic verdict of the French and Dutch people on the EU Constitution.”

The British have never voted to accept the EU constitution, but would it matter if they did? The EU is ignoring the NO votes of millions of French and Dutch voters who rejected it, and EU bureaucrats are proceeding to implement the faux constitution.

You are more likely to find the soul of freedom among the Dutch citizens who founded the Edmund Burke Stichting, naming it after the 18th century Anglo-Irish statesman and philosopher who served for many years in the British House of Commons.