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Week in review

During the last week we posted on:

Appalling crime and the historic right of British citizens to defend themselves
A must-read, not because you will necessarily agree with us, but because this is an issue that has to be discussed

Another look at self-defense
This contribution asks you to consider the philosophical reasons that support self-defence

Burns night tonight
We quote a Burns poem that skewers pomposities and asks us to give each other a break

A reflection on Scotland's whiskies
A post on Burns is likely to be followed by a post on drinking whisky

Scottish roots and trade
Connecting to the Scots and their dazzling inventions

Celebrating Australia
A tribute to Aussies and their island continent and one fact you might like to know

John Baird Logie invents television
You have to read the Timeline to get a sense of what this inventor achieved and the odds stacked against him

Portraits in the Age of Revolution
February 3, the Royal Academy opens a new and revealing exhibition

The value of inheritance
Why we want to keep it.

Debate on freedom of conscience and equality before the law accelerates
Brits are keen about both

A reminder from Judge Napolitano and William Pitt
An outspoken judge tells us what 'your house is your castle' really means

From Magna Carta to John F. Kennedy
JFK understood the liberties of Magna Carta and the courage of the men who confronted a king

"A fantastic year for British film"
A blizzard of Academy Award nominations descend on actors, actresses, directors, and screenplay writers

John Thwing's miracle
Better than walking on the sea

Switching to biofuels
Brits contribute the expertise that’s needed

Sir Edmund Hillary back in Antarctica

Your Own Choice
A patriot describes your sovereign rights and asks you to choose

Local democracy at work

Facing the threat to freedom from violent Islamists and their supporters

A worthwhile clash between Mayor Livingstone, Councillor Salma Yaqoob, Daniel Pipes, and Douglas Murray

And the winners are. . .

Reaching the Pole of Inaccessibility

Another British team enters the record books while raising money for charity

Immigration injustice exposed
You’ll groan or weep as you read

MPs and MEP sign up to BETTER OFF OUT of the European Union
A welcome break-through

“What, has this thing appear'd again to-night?”
Great Shakespearean dramas on the London stage

The good and bad news about taxes
The bad you know; the good is the organization opposing them

Gardening in winter
Fragrant, funny, and beautiful

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