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Brave Words for “ordinary people”

The Guardian reports that "Paul Dacre, editor of the Daily Mail, used a rare public speech last night to accuse the BBC of 'a kind of cultural Marxism' that is harming political debate and failing to represent the views of millions of licence fee payers."

Delivering the Hugh Cudlipp lecture, Dacre said "BBC journalism is reflected through a left-wing prism that affects everything - the choice of stories, the way they are angled, the choice of the interviews, the interviewees and, most pertinently, the way those interviewees are treated."

He searingly questioned whether "the BBC's civic journalism - too often credulously trusting, lacking scepticism, rarely proactive in the sense of breaking stories - [is] up to dealing with a political class that so often sets out to disassemble and deceive?"

Dacre is outraged not only by the BBC but by a whole news media that is “patronisingly contemptuous of what it describes as ordinary people". One result, he believes, is political apathy.

In our estimation, thousands of “ordinary people” are doing wonderful things. Not only their views but reports of their activities fail to appear in the media.