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Reaching the Pole of Inaccessibility

After more than a month battling against brutal conditions in the Antarctic, three men from Gloucestershire and their guide arrived at the Pole late last night according to the Daily Mail. Using skis, and kites to drag their sleds when there was wind, Rory Sweet (39), Henry Cookson (31), and Rupert Longsdon (34) travelled 1,032 miles.

“Serena Holdsworth, spokeswoman for the charity trek, said the men and their guide, Canadian explorer Paul Landryhad, celebrated reaching the pole by downing a shot of whisky.” Apparently it was too cold to drink champagne.

Russians were the previous men to reach the Pole of Inaccessibility, which is the exact centre of the continent. In 1958 they took a year to reach it using mechanised vehicles.

According to the Mail, “The trek is already on the way to raising £150,000 towards a new sports centre for the Calvert Trust, which gives people with disabilities the chance to enjoy outdoor activities.”