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Immigration injustice exposed

Minette Marrin compares the cases of Roberto Malasi and Mark Coleman. Mr Coleman is a white man of British descent from Zimbabwe whose grandfather worked as a British prisoner of war on the notorious bridge over the River Kwai. The Home Office says that it is safe for him to return to Zimbabwe, a country which is “a nightmare of mayhem, anti-white racism and confiscation,” and he will be thrown out if he doesn’t go. Mr. Malasi is a black man from Angola who has stabbed to death two women in Britain. The Home Office says it is too dangerous for him to return to Angola, so he is going to stay. Details in the Sunday Times.

We put up this post to support Mark Coleman, to thank Minette Marrin for publishing this injustice, and to urge the Home Office to reverse its insanely unjust decisions.

We have several sections on threats to the freedom of the British people in this website – here and here. We are considering naming a third threat to freedom, the British Government.