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MPs and MEP sign up to BETTER OFF OUT of the European Union

BETTER OFF OUT, the Freedom Association’s non-party campaign for Britain to leave the European Union, reports,

Jeffrey Donaldson MP, Iris Robinson MP, Sammy Wilson MP and David Simpson MP who represent the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) at Westminster have joined the BETTER OFF OUT campaign, and so has DUP MEP Jim Allister.

Affected by the increasing gravity of the situation, Jeffrey Donaldson MP stated, "I support the Better Off Out Campaign because I believe that the European Union is fast moving towards Federalism and the creation of a European Superstate. This will result in a further loss of British sovereignty, which will herald the end of our parliamentary democracy and curtail many of our hard won freedoms."

Jim Allister MEP declared, "Only those who relish needless bureaucracy, support the waste of a £5 billion annual subsidy to Brussels, delight in surrendering key national powers to the unelected, and think we should be unable to control our own vital trade policy could possibly think EU membership is good for the UK. Of course we'd be better off out."

As its name suggests, BETTER OFF OUT communicates the positive reasons for being outside the European Union, which Switzerland and Norway have already discovered. More about BETTER OFF OUT here.