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Robin Hood's real target

American Steven Kempf makes an interesting observation about Robin Hood's real target in the Wall Street Journal,

Robin Hood stole from the Sheriff of Nottingham, the tax man, to return the money to those who had earned it. His real target was a rapacious and grasping state, not the entrepreneurial class.

Kempf's wish is that government would embrace the Robin Hood legend.

There is indeed evidence that high taxes tend to smother business investment, and increase unemployment. However, modern states attribute high taxes to all the good they are doing. If only their "achievements" did not so often fall into the category reserved for "deferred success". . .

Robin is a glorious legend. I hoped to meet him when I was a young girl climbing greenwood trees. I'd like to meet him now. He'd be idealistic, fast on his feet, a sharp shooter, good at leading a team, an outdoorsman, and unwilling on principle to take cruises on my tax contributions.