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Courageous Tube passengers 'chased suspect after failed suicide bombing'

According to the Scotsman,

ONE of the alleged 21/7 bombers was chased along a Tube platform by passengers after his bomb failed to go off, a court heard yesterday.

Even the station florist at the Oval Tube station joined in the chase to try to catch him.

The bravery of members of the public was revealed on the second day of the trial of six men accused of plotting to cause carnage on London's transport system two weeks after 7/7.

Woolwich Crown Court also heard of "extraordinary" scenes inside the Northern line train, where some people fled in panic, but Angus Campbell, a fireman, “made of firmer stuff” remained and confronted the bomber.

Alfred the Great declared a long time ago that the first responsibility of a government is to protect its people, since nothing else it does will matter if it fails to keep them safe. He also believed that the people have the right and the responsibility to defend themselves, their families, and their country.