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Brits are golden at the Globes

Helen Mirren received acting prizes as Elizabeth I in the TV mini-series of the same name and as Elizabeth II in The Queen, which also won best film screenplay. Dame Helen said, “This award belongs to the Queen because I think you fell in love with her, not with me. I just tried to make her as truthful to herself as possible. However, she already has an orb that goes with her sceptre, so I will gratefully accept this one.”

Jeremy Irons who won an award as supporting actor wryly asked, “Why is it that the jobs that are the most fun are the ones that give you the awards?" Sacha Baron Cohen, who collected a best actor prize for Borat, might have been wondering the same thing.

Hugh Laurie took the globe for actor in a TV drama. Emily Blunt was best supporting TV actress for Gideon's Daughter, a BBC drama, which also earned Bill Nighy an acting award.