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Brits approach the Pole of Inaccessibility

We have heard recently about Brits going to the Geographic South Pole and the Geomagnetic South Pole. A third Pole is the Pole of Inaccessibility. This is the point on the Antarctic continent that is equidistant from the surrounding coastline. The last time people arrived here was in 1958 when a team of Russians using tracked vehicles arrived. Now three Englishmen and a Canadian are attempting to be the first to reach the Pole on foot. They are using large kites, 35-feet- wide, to pull them on skis. The terrain is so difficult they are averaging just 60 miles per day, but they are closing on their goal.

Brits have played a persistent role in EXTREME JOURNEYS. MORE ABOUT THEM HERE.

UPDATE: Richard Kay in the Mail reports that one of the three Polar explorers is the landlord of Prince Harry's favourite pub. "The dauntless trio put their training down to country sports, Polo, and drinking Guinness." More here.