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Brits continue to fight for freedom in Europe

As I have remarked several times before, it is fallen to the British on three previous occasions to save Europe from itself. There is no doubt that the public expression of opposition to the EU project is most evident in Britain.

Daniel Hannan, MEP, writing in the Telegraph, notes that he is the only Eurosceptic commentator to be writing in any German newspaper. This is despite the fact that a significant minority, possibly a majority, of Germans would prefer to leave the European Union.

The same is true in most other EU countries. But it gets worse. It has been suspected for some time that those parties that do not support the EU project will be deprived of funding. (This is one of the reasons that the UK Independence Party has given evidence to the British government that it does not want political parties to be state-funded.) In Belgium the populist Flemish party, Vlaams Belang, is facing extinction as its only legal funding comes from the state, and the state intends to deny it funds. (Private funding of political parties has been outlawed in Belgium.) Vlaams Belang is opposed to the EU project.

Freedom-loving Brits are encouraged to write the Belgian Government to protest this. Bear in mind that many British lives were lost during World War II to restore democracy in Belgium.
Mr. Piet Heirbaut, First Secretary (Political Affairs)